It is optional to give your telephone number when you create a listing. It is your choice if you decide to give your telephone number details out when someone contacts you about a listing. When you arrange to meet to discuss a listing or complete a sale of books, we would always advise you do this in a public place, e.g. University Library, coffee shop etc.

When you create a listing, it is optional if you put your address into the listing. Obviously, if you are creating an Accommodation listing then it is expected that you will input the address.

The safety of our users is paramount.

Skills Profile Listing Tips

1. Put as much information into the description as possible, mentioning keywords that people will likely search for

2. Describe the experience you have, both in relation to the field you have created the listing under e.g. "Experience with CSS, PHP and Bootstrap" and your other experience e.g. "Have worked in retail and done some social media marketing"
3. Put in any links to your work e.g. put in the link to a website you helped design / code or a Youtube video
4. Put a brief description about yourself and what you are interested it, that way people searching can see if you are likely to fit with what they are seeking

All listings can be edited in seconds using the "My Listings" tab in your back office.

Template Skills Profile Listing

" Experienced Computer Programmer, Manchester "

Experience: I have 5 years experience in coding using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I have experience with UI work and have re-designed multiple websites to increase their UI qualities.
About me: I am studying Computer Science at Manchester University, am in my 2nd year. I am looking to get involved in exciting projects or business opportunities where I can use my skills. Am pretty laid back guy who also takes work and deadlines seriously.
Time commitment: Flexible 
Links: This is a link to a website I built