It is optional to give your telephone number when you create a listing. It is your choice if you decide to give your telephone number details out when someone contacts you about a listing. When you arrange to meet to discuss a listing or complete a sale of books, we would always advise you do this in a public place, e.g. University Library, coffee shop etc.

When you create a listing, it is optional if you put your address into the listing. Obviously, if you are creating an Accommodation listing then it is expected that you will input the address.

The safety of our users is paramount.

Scholarship Listing Tips

1. Put as much information into the description as possible
2. In the title of the listing, put the subject area so it will display clearly and be searchable
3. If you don't have a set Application Deadline, put "Contact university for information" in this box
4. If the scholarship is for multiple Subjects or multiple Award Criteria, then list them all
5. In the description put the link to the scholarship page on your university's website
6. If the value of the scholarship is a set amount, put that in the "Price", if it can vary put £0 in the "Price" as this will leave it blank

All listings can be edited in seconds using the "My Listings" tab in your back office.

Template Scholarship Listing

" Newcastle University School of Biology Excellence Scholarship "

Criteria Selection
Subject (s): Biology
Application Deadline: Contact university
Nationality Eligibility: UK & EU International Students Only
Gender Eligibility: Both
Award Criteria: Academic Excellence

Award Value: £500 will be paid for each A grade achieved in BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, MATHS or PHYSICS at A level (or equivalent qualifications) up to a maximum of £1,500. This sum is awarded one time only.
Eligibility Requirement: All new UK/EU undergraduates admitted by the School of Biology (C100, C1C7, C180, C300) who have: Made Newcastle University their first choice (CF or UF) by 1st August, Exceeded the grades specified in their conditional offer.