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Allow me to introduce myself
I am a second year student at Manchester Business School, studying International Management with American Business Studies. I am also Co-Founder & CEO of thestudentnucleus.com, overseeing a group of 6. We want to revolutionise student life, making it as simple as possible for all students.

One of my favourite sayings - "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

My skills
I have great team working skills. I can quickly understand the dynamic of the group and therefore how to get the best of of the members. Along with this I have also developed leadership skills. As the CEO, I have developed vitally important strategic thinking capabilities, overseeing the direction we take. I have basic coding ability but I have a strong understanding of website design and the importance it plays in user experience.

My experience
I worked for many years prior to returning to university, in the legal profession, property, as a consultant and in PR.

What I am interested in
I am fascinated by start-ups, the culture, the passion, the motivation that successful start-ups have. I like to be surrounded by highly motivated people who have a big vision about what they want to do. I have developed a strong interest in the way that big data is changing all businesses, they power of information and how it is going to be at the centre of every business in the near future.

I love all sports, especially NBA.

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