It is optional to give your telephone number when you create a listing. It is your choice if you decide to give your telephone number details out when someone contacts you about a listing. When you arrange to meet to discuss a listing or complete a sale of books, we would always advise you do this in a public place, e.g. University Library, coffee shop etc.

When you create a listing, it is optional if you put your address into the listing. Obviously, if you are creating an Accommodation listing then it is expected that you will input the address.

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Book Listing Tips

1. Put as much information into the description as possible
2. DO NOT put spaces between the ISBN number eg. 0901690546

3. ALWAYS edit your listings to keep them up to date, take 30 seconds to edit your listing to avoid people contacting you about a book you have already sold
4. Use the book title in the title for the listing

All listings can be edited in seconds using the "My Listings" tab in your back office.

Template Book Listing

2nd Year Marketing Books - "Foundations of Marketing"

Criteria Selection
ISBN (No dashes): 0077137019
Year of Study: 2nd
Condition: Good
Post Book: No
Do you have other related books listed for sale?: Yes

Title - "Foundations of Marketing"
Author(s) - John Fahey, David Jobber
Edition - 4th

Total Price