How we got started

After completing his first year, when it came time to sell his textbooks Martin realised that a marketplace bringing students together would be much easier than 100's of pieces of A4 paper pinned up on noticeboards or unsearchable Facebook posts. The initial focus on textbooks then grew into the idea of creating a website that specialised in areas at the centre of student life, bringing them all together on one was born

Our mission statement aims to make the life of students as simple as possible.

Our purposes

1. Allowing students to easily and efficiently search for information about the central aspects of university life, all on one platform: Books, Scholarships / Funding and Skills Connect
2. Bringing the student community together and supporting each other through, a site that has been built by students for students
3. Helping to reduce the financial costs associated with being a student, especially through the buying and selling of textbooks between students

Our team

Martin Hedley
Co Founder & CEO

Martin is a mature student at Manchester Business School studying International Management with American Business Studies. Martin is passionate about student entrepreneurship and giving other students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of working in real world businesses.
Tom James
Co Founder

Tom is also a student at Manchester Business School studying International Management with American Business Studies. He has been involved in numerous start-ups and has founded multiple businesses himself. He has a strong focus and interest in technology and website development / design.
Sandy Zou
Chief Marketing Strategist

Sandy is a student at Manchester Business School too, in her third year. She is focused on the marketing strategy and coming up with great ways to reach as many students as possible. Sandy loves to implement the theories she has learnt.
Jamie Lyons
Chief Technology Officer

Jamie studied Computer Science at University of Manchester. He is passionate about coding and loves to talk about all the new techniques he has learnt and implemented in the website. It is Jamie's job to bring to life all the ideas the team thinks up.
Ino Santama
Social Media Officer

Ino is a third year student at Manchester Business School too. She took a module in her second year specifically on social networks, this inspired her to want to gain more first-hand experience of how businesses build an effective social media profile. Managing's social media profile will give her the perfect opportunity.