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How we make student life simple

Skills Connect

Bringing students with different skill sets together so you
can work on projects, create new start-ups and change the world.
We make finding your perfect team simple.
Create a skills profile detailing all the skills you have, this will allow people who need someone with your skill set to find you.
Search through all the skills profiles to find a student with the skill set you are looking for.
Create a listing that details the skills you are looking for, that way a student matching your needs can find you.
As a student you can look through all the skills wanted listings and find ones that meet the skill set you have.


Buy and sell your textbooks for free.
No more posters on noticeboards or unsearchable Facebook posts.
Save time, effort and money.

Scholarships / Funding

Search to find all the funding available at your university.
Never again miss out on the money available to you because it was hidden away.

Coming soon to our website


Find the ideal internship or work placement to build your CV and gain
valuable experience and insight before you graduate.


Find the perfect student house with your friends, look for a new
housemate or simply find a room to rent.

How it works

Register for free and join our platform used by 1000's of students.
Search for listings or create listings yourself.
Manage and edit all your listings, favourites and alerts.

What students are saying

This website made selling my old textbooks so easy and simple. I sold them for £120!
Laura, Nottingham Trent University
I found another student who was an amateur photographer. He took great pictures for the fashion show I created on campus.
David, University of Leeds
I had a business idea but needed someone to build the website. I found a student and he is now my co-founder. It was so simple and free too.
James, University of East Anglia

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